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Data Structures & Algorithms I Actually Used Working at Tech Companies
Conclusion: Data structures and algorithms are a tool that you should use with confidence when building software
Keeping Your Modules Compatible
some tricks to make compatible module
A Journey building a fast JSON parser and full JSONPath, Oj for Go
designing a fast JSON parser
Help message for shell scripts
A tricky way to add help message to shell scripts
How to Run a Live Coding Stream on Twitch using OBS
Twitch live coding setup
Introducing the GitHub Availability Report
failed 4 times and 3 of them are mysql related
PHP7 to ES7 syntax translator
php7 to es7 translator by babel
Highlights from Git 2.28
git supports init default branch as main
PHP 8: named arguments
PHP8 named args
Life without line numbers
this reduces 6% binary size lol
Design Docs at Google
A good overview of how software design docs are used and written at Google
css-media-vars Documentation & Demos
A brand new way to write responsive CSS
Conventions for Command Line Options
CLI options of history and libs in various languages
How we migrated Dropbox from Nginx to Envoy
Dropbox just migrated from Nginx to Envoy. This article shows how envoy handles the same situation in comparison with nginx
Stripe: Building a Developer Cult
Four reasons make Stripe the developer cult: 1. Customer obsession 2. Developer’s First and Foremost 3. Developer Empathy 4. Design
Things I Wish I’d Known About CSS
"Here are some things I didn’t know that I wish I’d learned earlier."
One year of automatic DB migrations from git
automatic db migration from git: pros and cons
Oh Shit, Git!?!
a minimal git cook book