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A tale of Java Hash Tables
Java's Separate Chaining HashMap implementation performs good
Don't Make My Mistakes: Common Infrastructure Errors I've Made
The last one is "Don't write internal cli tools in python"
Trying Out Generics in Go
Three Minor Features in Go 1.18
Don’t Start With Microservices – Monoliths Are Your Friend
sounds realistic
4 tips for GitHub Actions usability (+2 bonus tips for debugging)
good tips for GitHub Actions
Databases in 2021: A Year in Review
Some notes on using esbuild
"pretend it’s 2005" while using vue and esbuild
getElementById vs querySelector
getElementById is much faster
Defensive CSS
tips for defensive css
Glitch effect on text in pure css
Ruby vs Python comes down to the for loop
"It’s also no wonder that Ruby feels like a natural fit for developers building more fluent, perhaps safer, APIs and DSLs. Ruby wants programmers to model the domain, not the programming environment, and for many jobs this feels like the right approach."
How to Learn Nix
Learning Nix is pretty hard, so the author kept a diary of every command he tried
Git ls-files is Faster Than Fd and Find
Git ls-files is 5 times faster than fd or find, but why?
Modern PHP Cheat Sheet
Will Nix Overtake Docker?
No, these tools accomplish different goals, however they can be used in combination to provide the best of both worlds: reproducible builds and containerized deployments.
A brief history of code search at GitHub
The involvement of GitHub code search
A New Chapter for HashiCorp
HashiCorp listed