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Making GitHub's new homepage fast and performant
GitHub's homepage frontend optimizations
Reasons why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance
8 reasons why SELECT * sucks
12 requests per second
tldr: benchmarks of the web frameworks are clickbait
Why Wasn't Ruby 3 Faster?
Ruby 3 is 3x faster than Ruby 2.0, but Ruby 2.4 is already faster than 2.0 a lot
Leveraging the Go Type System
it illustrates the power of defining your own type
Go is not an easy language
Go is easy but its library is not easy
Ruby Garbage Collection Deep Dive: Tri-Color Mark and Sweep
Tri-Color mark and sweep algorithm
Github Stale Bots: A False Economy
leave the issues staled and not solved Chooses WordPress, Again
WordPress is a great platform
Drop Support for Python 2 in pip 21.0
pip drops Python 2 support
What Silicon Valley "Gets" about Software Engineers that Traditional Companies Do Not
"SV-like" companies think of engineers as value generators, and creative problem solvers. Traditional companies think of them as factory workers.
Software development topics I've changed my mind on after 6 years in the industry
basically good opinions
Coding Fonts
Coding Fonts preview by css tricks
Cookin' with Rust
rust cookbook
Zsh Tricks to Blow your Mind
I know most of them, but `ctrl+q` really blow my mind