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Why we are building a CLI first PaaS without a web frontend
prefer cli first tools than gui
Tools and Services I Use to Run My SaaS
tools and services that empower SongRender
Moving my serverless project to Ruby on Rails
Quote from the author: Serverless is like a black hole. It promised exciting adventures, but gravity sucked me in and I spent most of my efforts dealing with its complexity, instead of focusing on my product.
How to GraphQL with Ruby, Rails, Active Record, and no N+1
GraphQL with Ruby on Rails crash course
Best Practices For Writing Clean Interfaces in Go
clean interfaces in Go
Tips from curl author about git
What Vue.js Does Better Than React
tldr Vue is better in various aspects
What’s so great about Go?
Simple article from StackOverflow tech blog
attempts to make python fast
okay, a bunch of attemps and it has been slow so far
Porn, Zen, and .vimrc
not about vim-porn, instead, being consistent
The myriad meanings of pwd in Unix systems
Fun facts about pwd naming
pure sh bible
methods to do tasks by POSIX sh
~/.bashrc VS ~/.profile VS ~/.bash_profile
differences between these scripts
Replacing Ansible with salt-ssh
Linux Command Library
Linux one liners cheatsheet
No, your clean code won't save the planet
Yes, it contributes later. but that's what all we can do as developers
Business Operations
Tech stacks of GitLab. And IMO, so many tools here
The Art of Debating: A Useful Skill for Software Developers
important and neglectable skills of software devs
How to waste your career, one comfortable year at a time
get out of your comfort zone